Welcome to Sun Coast!

One of the most international destination around the world. Are yo ready to enjoy a place with an unique weather, where beach and mountain create an ecosystem without comparison. Let you feel the happiness and spontaneity of spaniards. Share and taste the gastronomy. Get on our bike, we give you a walk around 10 activities that you can do if you visit Marbella and the Sun Coast.




When we are got on our bike, the first place to go is Marbella City Center.  What do you think if we start the day taking a breakfast in Churrería Marbella? It´s located in Africa Square inside the old city of Marbella. Whitewashed streets and be adorned by flowers and plants. A typical Andalusian view!

If you go over its narrow and winding streets, you´ll enjoy the traditional commerce.  A great variety of family shops, unique places where you can take a coffee or tapa with authentic people of the village.

Yo can walk relax over these streets. We recommend you to leave the bike in Alameda Square and to loose you inside the historic center of Marbella. You´ll find the Marbella town hall, the city market, Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación Church, San Juan de Dios Chapel and rest of Arabian wall. Also you fall in love with Naranjos Square and Victoria Square



vista panorámica marbella

What do you think if we visit one of the most international famous place of Marbella? We get on our bikes again to Puerto Banús. We´re going to walk around the biggest and most luxury opened shopping center of Europe.

A place to look and let looked, in Puerto Banús you find the best and most exclusive jewelry, the fashion well-known brands around the world like Gucci, Carolina Herrera, Bulgari… Let you be surprised by the boats and yachts that fight for opulence and beauty.

Also you find a great variety of restaurants and bars. If you have lucky or go early you can eat in Pizzería Picasso, just in the center of One Dock. Maybe you have to wait, but it´s worth the effort. After that, you can enjoy the best cocktails in Astral Cocktail Bar just in the exit and fist beach lane. We recommend you the daiquiri, it´s the star cocktail. Delicious!

If the night come and you stay in Puerto Banús, dent forget to visit the harbor mouth and enjoy the amazing views.



paseo marítimo san pedro marbella costa del sol

Some people wait the holidays to live day by day more quiet and unhurried. A walk or a bike route without hurry? This plan must be present in our holidays! And Sun Coast is the perfect place to do it.

Thanks for the weather, you can enjoy a pleasant walk at any hour of the day, winter or summer.  If you do it around a promenade with 17 kilometres, the plan seems much better. A unique place where you can walk and enjoy with gardens clase to the see.

While you are walking you´ll see a lot of international cuisine restaurants, bars, coffee and “chiringuitos” close to the sea, like KalaKalua or La Guayaba in San Pedro Beach




restos romanos costa del sol

Sun Coast has been populated by humans since in memorial time. If your are a lover of history, in Marbella you´ll find a lot of archeological sites that satisfy your curiosity. 

The Roman Village, in Río Verde, is located in the mount of Verde River,close to Puerto Banús. The archaeological remains dated of S.II a.c . A village where people commerce with sea products and salting fishes. There are a lot of mosaics with sailor and cooking images.

The Paleo- Christian Vega del Mar Basilica,  is located in San Pedro Beach, close to the sea. At the beginning, s.VI a.c, was a Visigothic church. Close to the basilica you can find more than 180 tombs from different centuries.

So close form the basilica, you can find the Bóveda de Guadalmina Roman Therms. It was a termal building from S. II a.c, one of the most important remains of our village. If you want to visit, we recommend you get information about the schedule in Delegación de Cultura de Marbella





Visit Sierra  Blanca is a way to brake the idea of beach and sun of Marbella and Sun Coast. If you look back, you´ll discover a spectacular natural environment. In a few minutes you leave the flip-flops and the towel to enjoy a country day.

If you are in good shape, one of the best tings you can do is ti climb up to Sierra Blanca. From there, you´ll see all the Sun Coast and Gibraltar Camp. You have to go by car until the parador del Juanar. From there you can do a hiking route until the Cruz del Juanar to enjoy with the best views of Marbella. You can do it by bike if you want. It´s an amazing experience!

If you feel stronger, you can go until La Coach peak. The hiking route is 4 hours with a moderate difficulty. Please, don´t forget to take some to drink and eat.




delfines y barco en marbella

Other way to discover our villages is travel by boat. A different point of view to discover the charming of Sun Coast. You´ll find a lo to enterprise to do some activities, like Fly Blue, that it takes you from Puerto Banús until Marbella port. 

The location of Marbella is strategic. In the Mediterranean Sea and so close to Atlantic Ocean, it´s a zone where the sighting of dolphins and whales is usual. Sailing close to these mammals, look they play it is an experience, that we are sure you don´t forget never.




If we think in the Spanish gastronomy, we imagine a lot of dishes, gazpacho, fabada, pescaíto… but it´s paella our most international dish. Paella is a dish that allows a lot of ingredients, each master-chef choose what they want.

In Marbella you can find a lot of places where taste this Valencian dish, makes into a national dish. We recommend you the  Beach Club Restaurante Grill, the Gran Gatsby,  La Barraca de Amparo or Los Mellizos

Paella or another dish, the gastronomy in sun Coas is lived, enjoyed and tasted.





Do you love the nature? We have a perfect plan to you this holidays. Discover and visit the Marbella Bonsai Museum.  The art of cure and maintenance of species from the whole world at tiny size. The museum is considered one of the best of Europe, and it has one of the most important collection of wild olive trees of the world.

The show is spectacular and between all the species, they have “lames”, from China, and a wild olive tree so old, 300 years! The Marbella Bonsai Museum have miniatures of local species, from the environment around Marbella. Some that, like pinsapo, are in danger of extinction. They are artwork!




The Sun Coast or the Golf Coast? More than twenty golf camps are around Marbella. If you want to enjoy a golf day, this is your place! A perfect weather to practice golf 365 days. Golf camps with infrastructures of first category, where they receive people around the world. Between all the possibilities and variety that Marbella offer, we select:  Real Club Las BrisasClub de golf EL Higueral and Villa Padierna Club Golf. Do we make a hole in one?


ir de compras y tiendas marbella costa del sol

Marbella and the Sun Coast is synonymous of luxury, exclusivity and free time. People don´t know that there are a lot of “Marbellas” all with charm and authenticity. Marbella offer, according to the budget, all the alternatives to go back with a lot of bags and experiences.

To be exclusive, Puerto Banús is the perfect place. The international brands have there their storefronts, with see view. Versace, La Perla, Carolina Herrera… an open shopping center with exclusive prices and behavior.

If you are looking for originality and different, el city center is your place. Boutiques and little shops offer things that you don´t find in other cities. Everything is mixed with Andalusian environment. A great experience!

To the big malls lovers, La Cañada shopping center is the paradise. One of the most biggest areas of Andalucía, where you find a great variety of shops, restoration area, cinema. You finde here the one Apple oficial store in Andalucía.


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