12MESES 12 RUTAS is an activity organized by TiendaCiclista y Bicitur. We want to develop, over a year, a cyclist movement to discover new ways. A rout for each month. All  together living the bike. Come on!


The rout is organized to 20th August, and it starts in Navada Mountains and it finishes in the village of Trevélez, GRanada. It´s 60 km of MTB route, where we go until Veleta, and afer that we go down to   Trevélez to enjoy with the views and  local gastronomy.


Total lengh: 58,33 Km
Ascent: 21,42 km.
Descent 36,66 km.
Máx. Altitude: 3.220 m.s.n.mruta ciclista organizada por bicitur
Min. Altitude: 1.520 m.s.n.m
Estimated time: 6 hours of activity
Technical difficult: Medium
Kind of floor: 80% sand 20% pave


If you want to do this rout, you need a good tcechnical level. The bike must to be OK. All participants must to carry on repare materials, some to drink and eat.

We manage the activity, and we have a specialist gauide who go with us in the route.

Lunch: Gazpavho + local dish + dessert + drink. Coffee is not included.

Assistance and civil responsibility insurances.


07:00 hrs Depart from Boulevard San Pedro.

09:30 hrs Breakfast on the road.

10:30 hrs  Arrived to Nevada Mountains.

11:00 hrs Starting the route.

16:30 hrs Arriving to restaurant in  Trevélez.

18:00 hrs Depart to San Pedro.

21:00 hrs Arrive toa San Pedro.

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