If there are something traditional and popular in Malaga cuisine, that is fried fish. Fresh products from our Mediterranean Sea are seasoned and cooked by unique way. We have a selection of places to enjoy yourself with the Malaga taste in each bite.


restaurante de pescaito frito en costa del sol merchan

Are you looking the best fried fish around Sun Coast? Without a doubt, you´ll find it in Restaurante Merchán. 50 years of history, this familiar restaurant cooks the same dishes and get together around them some generations, to enjoy the most typical food of Málaga. 

Located in San Pedro Alcántara city center, Restaurante Merchán destaca stands out by the quality of fishes and the way to cook them, unique! Frying exquisite, light and crunchy that some famous chefs are fans of it. Don´t forget to reserve before!

Schedule 13:30- 23:30 hrs
San Gabriel Street, 10th, 29670 San Pedro Alcántara, Málaga
Phone: 952 78 01 34



restaurante de pescaito frito en costa del sol altamirano

Located in the Marbella´s historical center,  Altamirano is an example if you want to taste a good fried fish. It´s specialized  in traditional Andalusian cuisine, and during last 30 years, it offers diary an excellent fish from the close market.

If you are close to the city center, don´t leave to visit Altamirano, and enjoy in its terrace with sailor style. A professional behavior and the most popular environment, to life a true Andalusian experience. Price? In Altamirano says ” You´ll forget the price, but never forget the quality” that is all! 🙂

Schedule 13:00- 23:30 hrs
 Altamirano Sq 3rd , 29601 Marbella, Málaga
 Phone: 952 82 49 32



restaurante de pescaito frito en costa del sol nuevo reino

Nuevo Reino is a  fishes and shellfish specialized restaurant. It´s located in San Pedro Alcántara beach, they are cooking for 50 years ago to all kind of clients, even international artists. The use fast fishes from local markets, and products form the own vegetable garden. 

To visit Nuevo Reino is a great experience. They offer you 4 different areas: an inside Arabian terrace, an outside terrace, an inside salon and another withe sea views. Choose the place you love and enjoy the most Andalusian taste.

Schedule 13:00- 23:30 hrs
Castiglione Playa Urbanization S/N, 29670 San Pedro Alcántara, Málaga
Phone: 952 78 66 66

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