What advantages hace BICITUR?
Bicitur is a rental bikes system adapted to every tourist enterprise, and adapted to all needs from its use. We offer different way to implantation to get the most adaptable system by partners, renting or direct buy.

What kind of bike is the most recommendable? 
The places are different, and the offer changes in function of the location. Normally the more use to a rentar service are the urban bikes, conventional and electrical.   They give a widest use and are adapted to different environment. We have MTB and road bikes, too.

How do electrical bikes work?
The ebikes works like a conventional bikes, the only different is that it carries a eléctrica engine that assist or help you where you find a strong and difficult place.  The speed is limited at 25 Km/h. It dosel´t mean that hoy can´t drive faster, just the engine leave to help you.

Are ebikes heavy?
They are heavier than conventionals bikes, beacuse ebikes carry the batey and engine. The ebikes weight is around 22 kg, however the advantages from electrical system give them more lightness in use.

What kind of bike stations exist?
There are different station in function of the bikes. We have simple and economical parking to conventional bikes and automatic parkings that block the bikes.  The bike parkings are always automatic, and they charge the bike battery at time they are parking.

Have the bikes locks?
Yes, all the bikes have one lock. The user have the responsibility to guard the bike during the renting.

Are the user insured? And in case of a bike stolen?
Our rental bike system have a third party responsibility insurance to damages that drivers or vehicles could cause. But the franchise holder must to complete this insurance to fill the damages of clients theirself. In case of stole, the client must to pay the part is included in the contract in function of the vehicle.

What i have to do if  I´m stolen? 
Under assumption of lost, stole or theft of the bike, the user have to report it, as soon as possible in a Local Police Station, National Police Station or Civil Guard. This report must to be presented in the branch where you rent the bike.

Must I use helmet? 
The helmet is obligatory to people under 16 years, but it´ recomendable and necessary to avoid damages in caso of accident.

Where could I drive the bike?
Always on the road and never on the sideswalk. if you find a road with some lanes, you always have to ride by the right lanes, but you can go to the left lane if you got to turn left.  Also you´ll find a bike lanes more conformtable and saver.

Could I use the bus lane?
No, you couldn´t. It´s prohibited in the cities and it´s very dangerous.

Have I priority on a bike lane?
There´s no priority to the bike lane in crosses. Our recommendation is to ride always on the bike lane, because the max speed is regulated until 30 km/h.

Is the bike lane to cyclist only?
Not exactly, but the vehicles must adapt the speed like a bike.

What are the driver obligations when go close to a cyclist?
They must respect the traffic rules and priorities, traffic light and traffic signs. The vehicles that go bach a bike must to leave a security distance of 5 meter to overtake a bike.