Please, read and follow all instructions and if you have some dude contact with us calling at + 34 951 338 532 + 34 654 814 727 or by email:
The rental vehicles mete the European Homologation CEE and there are been test previously. If you look something wrong, don´t use the vehicle and contact with us. PLEASE, DON´T USE MORE THE VEHICLE.

When you go out forma our installations, your are in charge to put vehicle good use, conservation and using. In case of the material was broken because you make a bad use, we take the amount belonging to franchise clause damages. In case of stolen you are in charge to pay the amount as franchise clause in the contract. As person in charge of use, you have to down that the ENTERPRISE INSURANCE just cover the damages to third party if it´s a prove situation, NEVER for bad use, ranh driving or malpractice driver. If you are renting a bike and there is a felony o report, the bike responsible is the contract title holder, and have the obligations to answer before the situation. The enterprise is free of some obligations.

BICITUR, lessor, rent to identified person in the contract like driver and/or payer the signed vehicle and agree the next conditions relative as price.

1. About vehicle drive
The renter must to use and drive the vehicle and agree to drive under the basic driver and traffic rules. The renter agree to not use the vehículo in theses cases:

  • Prohibited lanes or not pave roads that are danger to vehicle.
  • Carry people that are not the driver.
  • Tow a vehicle or any things.
  • Play competitions, official or not official.
  • Test the resistance of materials, accesorios or product to vehicle.
  • Drive under alcohol effect, drugs, etc.
  • Carry flammable and/or dangerous substance.

Just only authorized to drive the vehicle the identified person by lessor in the rental contract, always with more than 18 years. In case of under 18 year, we need an adult permission. The lessor reserve the right to ask the renter a I.D or similar document during the renting. If the renter renege on the obligation to identify the driver or it can´t be possible, the renter is charge of pay the fine.

The lessor can refuse the rental if the person who drive don´t show a drive license in force. Renter agrees to control de vehicle and prevent a theft. In case of breach of that before, the insurance will be not applied. It´s prohibited to renter leave, rent or sell the vehicle. When a light lights in the display or you look something is working wrong the renter have to stop the vehicle as soon as possible and contact the lessor. Just accept charges to externas count of Assistance Company when lessor agree expressly.

In case of disagreement of this condition, the additional covers aren´t be applied. It´s forbidden to carry the vehicle on boat, train, truck or plane. All damages that lessor could suffer by renter breachs authorize lessor to take the vehicle and turn over the amount, that it can be seen in the 4th point.

2.  Vehicle Condition.
When renter take and return the vehicle, must to inform about all damages, and it would be showed in the contract.  The smaller damages are un a damage list show in the rent office as 4th point of General conditions said. All damages must be inform when the renter take the vicie, and must be included in the contract. When the vehicle was returned, it´ll be check and all new damages are included in the rental contact and signed by renter and lessor.

New damages will be charge to renter with reparation price included. This price shall be invoiced to renter directly by sellar and it´ll included all concepts necessary and defined in 4th point of General Conditions.  Los nuevos daños menores serán cargados al Arrendatario al precio de reparación incluido en la lista exhibida en el mostrador de la oficina de alquiler según se recoge en el punto 4 de estas Condiciones Generales.  The renter shall pay the invoice.

The renter return the vehicle cleaned, perfect condition and passing the lessor controls. If a tyre is broken, wear away… (something normal or a wrong set up) the lessor replace it as soon as possible. It´s prohibited change a vehicle features and  change de the external and internal look. in case of infraction, renter must pay the expenses.
3. Rental Price, timing and extra time.
The price is showed in the rental contract. It includes a obligatory insurance, civil responsibility insurance and taxes. This price don´t include the optional insurances, they must be requested and they´ll be added at the total rental price.

The rental timing is showed in the contract. There 10 min of courtesy, after that it´ll be invoiced an adicional day. If the renter want to continue and have more time, he have to pay in that momento an aditional deposit. It´ll be showed in the contract. La duración del alquiler será la pactada en el contrato. Existe un período de cortesía de 10 minutos, superado el cual se facturará un día adicional de alquiler conforme al precio pactado.  En ningún caso la cantidad garantizada o abonada al inicio del alquiler podrá servir para una prolongación, del mismo. En el caso de que el Arrendatario quisiera conservar el Vehículo por tiempo superior al pactado inicialmente, éste se compromete a obtener previamente autorización expresa del Arrendador y a pagar de inmediato el importe del depósito adicional para dicha prolongación, siendo el precio aplicable al período de prolongación del alquiler el señalado en el contrato para el periodo contratado.  The renter must return the vehicle on time and in the place that was told. If the renter change it, the lessor could make an aditional charge.

The service has finished when the lessor has the key.
4. Pagos. Payments.
The renter must to pay to lessor:

  • The agree amount like price of timing, insurances, complementary services, taxes, etc.
  • The damages amount will be calculate by the Damages Official List located in the rental office. The maximum responsibility is not more than 3,500€ (vehicle value)
  • Carry and  reparation price.
  • The infraction price and judicial expenses.
  • New keys and sending to the rental office.
  • 60€ of IVA by Road Assistance Management.

Payment ways: Credit/Debt card or Cash. The deposit must be pay before the service. The posit is 150€.
5. Del Seguro obligatorio del vehículo. Obligatory Insurance

The rental fees include a obligatory insurance and a civil responsibility insurance to damages to third party about vehicle using and driving.

This policy don’t´cover damages, losses, and damages by theft, traffic accident.


6. Maintenance and repairs.

The wearing away by normal works of the vehicle is assumed by lessor. If the vehicle is stopped by a mechanical problem, the renter contact with the lessor. The renter is not authorized to repair the vehicle.
8.  Battery
The charge of battery during the rental time must be doing by renter. The renter have to use a correct energy power.
9.  Theft and loss.
In case of theft or loss, the renter pay the damages. In case the damages are under the deposit amount,  they  would be rest from it. In case of they are below of deposit amount, the renter agree to charge in the credit card.
Conventional bikes and bikes:

  • Key loss 25 € 50 €.
  • Theft or loss 250€ por unidad 500€ per unit.
  • Battery theft 250 €.
  • Partial damages To value.
  • Helmet theft or loss  25 € per unit 25 € per unit